Talk Photography - Photographer of the Year - March

A forum that I visit regularly, Talk Photography, holds a Photographer of the Year competition (POTY) each year, with users gaining points from monthly themed competitions which add up over the course of the year to give an overall winner.

Marchs theme was "curves". After a lot of thought I decided that I wanted to take some photos looking up at a spiral staircase, so I set about trying to find one local to me. After a bit of digging online I discovered a place called Beckford's Tower in Bath which was built in 1837 for local resident William Beckford by architect Henry Goodridge. It stands 120 feet high and has a sprial staircase ascending to a room at the top which offers fantastic views of the local area.

After a failed attempt to visit the tower and a three hour wasted trip (note: remember to check that places are open first!), I went back a few days later hoping to shoot the staircase. I had hoped that I would be able to capture the image using film, but the current lenses I have for my film cameras simply wasn't wide enough to capture all of the amazing shapes and detail of the inside walls. In the end I opted to use my 17-40mm wide angle lens on a Canon DSLR, which allowed me to capture the shape of the staircase at the top, but also some of the lower steps and window closer to the ground.

I converted the image to black and white and gave it a contrasty look which I think suits it well. I entered the shot in the POTY compeition and then waited a few weeks to find out the results. When the results came in I was shocked to see that I had won first place out of 33 entries; There were some really incredible shots taken and you can see some more in