A New Home

You might have noticed that my website looks a little different today than it did yesterday. I've had a bit of a change and this new site is the result. I've removed a lot of old stuff that I don't think is needed now, and have slimmed down the number of galleries that I have, from seven to ONE.

I've given it a lot of thought lately and I don't think that seven galleries really worked on my website; visitors who come to my site want to look through my best photos in one place, and not have to look through multiple galleries to find my best landscapes, macro shots or travel photos. By only using a single gallery it means that all my best photos are found in one place, and older photos may well be replaced by newer and better ones, meaning that the photos that are in my gallery really are my best. This is in keeping with my new photography mind-set; that my gallery should be dynamic and evolve as I do, and not just be a collection of all my old photos.

I hope that you like the new site, any comments or questions then feel free to comment!