Dubs at the Mill 2016

Each year Haselbury Mill is host to Dubs at the Mill, a three day long Volkswagen festival. 2015's event was ridiculously hot and sunny, and I got burnt to a crisp as I didn't put on any suncream (it's not something I usually have to worry about in England!), and the 2016 show looked like it was going to be just as hot!

I had recently had some problems with my Bronica ETRS, where photos would appear in focus a few feet behind my subject, and after after a quick look I found that the focusing screen was not sitting fully down on the camera body. I am planning on taking the ETRS on holiday this week, so I was keen to test it out to see if the issue was fixed before my trip. How convenient that there would be lots of vintage Volkswagens nearby to test it on :D I chose Kodak Ektar 100 film as anything faster with the 1/500 sec shutter of the ETRS would have meant I couldn't shoot wide open, and I do love the shallow DoF that medium format film gives you.

I was very pleased when I got the developed and scanned images back from UK Film Lab today to find that all fifteen of the photos on the roll were perfectly in focus and sharp where they needed to be. Now I'm very excited to take this camera to New York in a few days!

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