East Fleet Lagoon


Fuji X-T2 with XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS lens. Lee 2 stop hard grad ND filter.

East Fleet Lagoon near Weymouth is only about a 45 minutes from my house, and given the beautifully still lagoon and old wooden jetty, it’s surprising that I’ve not been there before. I took this photo as part of my 52 Project on the Talk Photography forum, with the theme “open”.

This was my first proper trip out with the X-T2 for landscape work since I upgraded from my reliable but ageing Canon 5D mkII. I was excited to be working with a new camera system, and I’m very happy with the results I got from it. For this shot I used a wide angle lens and a hard grad Lee ND filter to tame the highlights in the sky and show a bit more shadow detail in the foreground.

The biggest challenge was making the image look straight; the opposing shore of the lagoon was not parallel to the shore I was stood on, which gives the illusion of the horizon being sloped to the right. If you straighten the opposite shore line then the jetty appears to lean to the left. In the end I was able to balance both parts to try and get everything level.

I’m very pleased with this image, and East Fleet Lagoon is another area for me to add to my map of places to return to.